About Sara

A Few Facts About Me 

You're not here to know all about me this is about you and your day,but just a few facts...

I am a Colorado Native

I love Soccer and coached for 10 years

I love to travel but hate packing, I've always wanted to just buy clothes when I get there

I love warm weather and hate the cold, but still love CO!

The Broncos are my favorite team and I photographed their games for two years

I never liked coffee until I went to Greece, now I can't stop

I have an 14 year old Beagle and a 10 year old rescue dog

About Sara Mica Design

I started in my grandmas garage 14 years ago and continue to get bigger and better!

I started with just me and some help from my mom, now I have an awesome team.

There is no way I could do any of this on my own, as I grow, I continue to bring on more help. Everyone is creative, fun loving and hard working.  

We work to make your day the best no matter your budget, we are here to help.

I know our limits and there are days we can take on more then one wedding.

The best is working so close with clients and on their day finally getting to see the pieces come together

Now your turn, tell me about you and what your ideas and dream day is all about...